the movie ~ if there be thorns (2015)

   In 2015, the third novel in VC Andrews' best selling Dollanganger series, If There Be Thorns, was made for television on Lifetime. It starred Heather Graham, Rachel Carpani, Jason Lewis, Mason Cook and Jedidiah Goodacre. Shawn Ku directed.

   In this film, we are introduced to Cathy's two childen, Jory and Bart. Born to two lovers that have passed away. At this point, Cathy and Chris have been living together as husband and wife and the parents to Cathy's boys. They know who their real fathers are, but not that Cathy and Chris are really brother and sister.

   The third novel of the series was my least favorite, but I still liked it. It was interesting to see Cathy's sons views and know what their lives were like. In some ways, this was a much darker tale than the others, because we see how Bart grows bitter and he's such a young child. The movie did well in portraying the manipulation of Bart and the revealing events that expose Cathy and Chris' true relationship.

   Say what you will about book to film adaptation, if you simply appreciate a film on its own, instead of comparing it to the book, you will be much happier. This is what I do, simply because I know that books rarely translate to film well and the filmmakers use different elements to make the film both visually appealing and allow viewers to understand the storyline.

   With that said, this adaptation took some liberties, but still the overall impact of the story was strong. Bart's story of feeling inadequate and alone is a necessary foundation for his actions in the fourth novel and film. So the stage was set quite nicely and we are given some insight into this family's troubled past and how secrets can destroy trust and family.

Heather Graham ... Corrine Foxworth
Rachael Carpani ... Cathy Sheffield
Jason Lewis ... Christopher Sheffield
Mason Cook ... Bart Sheffield
Mackenzie Gray ... John Amos
Jedidiah Goodacre ... Jory Marquet
Emily Tennant ... Melodie Richarme
Christine Lippa ... Emma
Glynis Davies ... Marisha Marquet
Veena Sood ... Dr. Phillips
Bailey Skodje ... Cindy
Robert Moloney ... Malcolm Foxworth