about logan stonewall

Logan Stonewall is a character from The Casteel Series written by VC Andrews and the film series released by Lifetime, portrayed by James Rittinger and Michael Karl Richards. Logan is the childhood sweetheart of Heaven Casteel and eventually marries her.

Logan falls in love with Heaven quickly, but so much trauma happens in Heaven's young life that Logan moves on from her for a time. They eventually find each other again, however, it is not simply happily ever after for them.

Logan and Heaven betray each other, both resulting in pregnancies. However, Heaven doesn't reveal her betrayal, and Logan is unaware that the child Heaven gives birth to isn't his. Logan fathers a child with Heaven's sister Fanny, which is a horrible betrayal he hates himself for.

Although Logan is not perfect, he remains devoted to Heaven and his family. He works hard to repair the damage and love his family with all he is.