the movie ~ seeds of yesterday (2015)

   In 2015, the fourth novel in VC Andrews' best selling Dollanganger series, Seeds of Yesterday, was made for television on Lifetime. It starred Rachel Carpani, Jason Lewis, James Maslow, and Anthony Konechny. Nancy Savoca directed.

   In this film, Bart has undertaken the task of rebuilding Foxworth Hall, much to Cathy's fear. Chris tries to reassure her that "this house" cannot hurt them any longer. But Cathy fears that it's evils still exist in the walls and will harm them.

   The fourth novel of the series was a fitting end for the attic mice. I always felt that although many awful events occur, the family reaches some closure and forgiveness of past sins. I felt that this movie expressed this very well.

   Say what you will about book to film adaptation, if you simply appreciate a film on its own, instead of comparing it to the book, you will be much happier. This is what I do, simply because I know that books rarely translate to film well and the filmmakers use different elements to make the film both visually appealing and allow viewers to understand the storyline.

   With that said, I always felt the ending of the novel was beautiful and fitting for what the Dolls endured. I was happy that Chris and Cathy had a happy life, despite their beginnings, and their relationship. The movie was able to cover these events and give suitable sense of closure.

Rachael Carpani ... Cathy Sheffield
James Maslow ... Bart Foxworth
Jason Lewis ... Christopher Sheffield
Anthony Konechny ... Jory Marquet
Sammi Hanratty ... Cindy Sheffield
Leah Gibson ... Melodie Marquet
Nikohl Boosheri ... Toni