the author ~ vc andrews

   Cleo Virginia Andrews was born in Portsmouth, Virginia on June 6, 1924 to Lillian and William Andrews, she was one of three children.

   As a teenage girl she fell down the stairs and suffered severe back injuries. She was later stricken with arthritis, and a failed surgical procedure on her spine left her to rely on a wheelchair or crutches for most of her life.

   She had written many stories prior to getting any published. And she finally succeeded with Flowers in the Attic, after sending a very cryptic pitch letter along with it, hinting that the novel wasn't entirely ficton.

   After Flowers in the Attic was published, she was realizing her dreams. She published two more in the Dollanganger series and the stand alone novel My Sweet Audrina. And she took a break from the Dollanganger family to write the Casteel series. But she returned to the Dollangangers and completed the series.

   She wrote eight novels prior to her death, including the celebrated Dollanganger series. VC Andrews died of breast cancer on December 19, 1986.

From VC Andrews:
   "I was brought up in a working-class environment, with a father who loved to read as much as I did. When I was seven he took me to the public library and signed me up for my first library card. He went home with two books. I went home with nine. Books open doors I hadn't even realized were there. They took me up and out of myself, back into the past, forward into the future; put me on the moon, placed me in palaces, in jungles, everywhere. When finally I did reach London and Paris- I'd been there before. When books fail to give what I need, dreams supply the rest. A long time ago I dreamed I was rich and famous- and I saw flowers growing in the attic. Dreams can come true, no matter what fate chooses to place as obstacles to hurdle, crawl under or go around. Somehow I always manage to reach the far side. To have a goal and achieve it despite everything is my only accomplishment. If I give a few million readers pleasure and escape along the way, I do the same for myself."