about the logans

The Logan Series, written by VC Andrews, is the fifth family series released under her name. It consists of five books:

Heart Song
Unfinished Symphony
Music in the Night

The main character and narrator of the first three books (Melody, Heart Song, and Unfinished Symphony) is Melody Logan. She grows up "daddy's little girl", and is somewhat distant from her mother. And when her father dies in a mining accident, truths start being revealed that change her entire world.

Melody finds herself meeting her father's family for the first time, and her mother announces that she will be leaving her there and moving out to California until she has the money to send for her.

In her mother's absence, Melody must learn to adjust to her new family situation, a new school, and a sea full of secrets that has drowned her family. On her journey of discovery, she learns of her true past, and who her real father is. She learns of her grandmother's sins and she falls in love with her cousin Cary.

In the fourth novel (Music in the Night), we meet Laura Logan, the dead sister of Cary's that had died in a boating accident with her boyfriend before Melody arrived. Her story is a sad one. And a short one. Her young life is taken from her because of her grandmother's deep sense of pride and unwillingness to be embarrassed in the community.

In the fifth and final novel (Olivia), we are introduced to the grandmother, Olivia Logan. And we see where she got her start, and what events led her down the rocky and cruel path she would later take and make other members of her family take as well. She was hardened by jealousy for her sister and she worked hard at the family business and was never the favorite. And at her first chance, she had her sister locked away. And she decided to have so much control so she would never feel the lesser one again.

The Logan family's lives take twists and turns that are shocking and horrific. But with each new tale, you are given an unforgettable story, one you will enjoy and never want to end.

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