about jory marquet

Julian Janus Marquet, nicknamed Jory, is a character from The Dollanganger Series written by VC Andrews and the Lifetime film adaptations, specifically If There Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday, and is portrayed by Jedidiah Goodacre and Anthony Konechny.

Jory is the son of Cathy Dollanganger and Julian Marquet, both accomplished and talented dancers. Jory earned his nickname from his father's name Julian and his mother Cathy for her deceased brother Cory: "The J for Julian and the rest for Cory." He followed in is parents' footsteps and became a wonderful ballet dancer as well, along with his wife and childhood sweetheart Melodie.

During a visit to his brother Bart's restored estate Foxworth Hall, he is in an accident which leaves him paralyzed, and no longer able to walk or dance. His wife Melodie cannot cope with the loss and soon withdraws. After their twins are born, Melodie leaves them and Jory. Jory is devastated but soon finds a new love and learns to live life paralyzed.