about jillian tatterton

In many of VC Andrews' books we meet characters that shock and horrify us. We call them villains. We hope for their downfall, we are angered at their actions, we let ourselves hate them... And yet, we love them too. They are needed to bring conflict to the story. Such a character is Jillian Tatterton.

Jillian is Leigh's mother and Heaven's grandmother. She left Leigh's father because she dreamed of a more wealthy and socialite life. She became a Tatterton, the lady of the mansion, and obsessed with riches and youth. Her much younger husband Tony was left alone much of the time as she rested and worked on maintaining her beauty and the illusion that she was younger than she trutly was.

Jillian was selfish and ignored her daughter's needs. She wasn't there to protect her daughter and she wasn't there to believe her when she came to her for help. To Jillian, there was nothing more important than appearances... looking young, wearing the right fashions, belonging to the right circles, showing off your wealth in possessions. She chose all of that over her own daughter.

Why care for her at all? Why be a fan? Because she made all of the characters we love and rooted for stronger, more interesting, and better people capable to handle the hard world...

Lifetime adapted the complete Casteel series into film during the summer of 2019, with one film airing every week for five weeks. The films brought the story to life and I truly enjoyed watching them. The cast was very talented and portrayed the characters well. Jillian was portrayed by actresses Cindy Busby and Kelly Rutherford.

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