about heaven leigh casteel

Heaven Leigh Casteel is the main character in the Casteel series by VC Andrews. (Heaven, Dark Angel, Fallen Hearts, Gates of Paradise, and Web of Dreams)

In this series of books we follow Heaven through her trials and triumphs and learn new secrets and discover her past right along with her. She is killed in the beginning of the fourth novel and the journey continues with her daughter Annie. And the final novel recounts her mother, Leigh's, story.

Heaven is thrust into a world that was cracked and broken. She never had the love of her father. And she would learn that life isn't always a happy one. Heaven is a strong character. She toughs it out and she overcomes all of her family's dark and painful past to find her own happiness and give her daughter what she never had.

You are always very close to Heaven as you read her story. She is an amazing character that you root for. And you always want the happy ending, because inside you are a little bit of Heaven too.

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