about giselle dumas

Giselle Dumas grew up in a wealthy world in her New Orleans mansion. And unknown to her, their entire family was hidden under a thick blanket of deceit. She would soon learn that her real mother was dead, and that she had a twin sister named Ruby.

Such interruptions in her life were not tolerated well. Giselle hated the idea of having a sister, and hated it even more when her boyfriend took an interest in her. Giselle would do all she could to keep Beau from Ruby. But in the end Ruby would win.

Giselle had the best of everything. And she was very popular in school. Her parents turned a blind eye to her bad behavior. And her stepmother blamed it all on Ruby, much to Giselle's delight.

Giselle wanted life to be very hard for Ruby. But it would always be evident that Ruby had something that Giselle never did. A family, a true family, that loved and cared. But Giselle would never admit to wanting these things. She went on being quite content with her life and her riches.

Giselle made the Landry series quite interesting and intriguing. She's strong, despite the fact that she is unkind. And she brought a lot to the table. And we needed her refreshing way of handling all situations. She was one character that was necessary to make a wonderful story.

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