about fanny casteel

Fanny Casteel is Heaven Casteel's (heroine/narrator of Casteel series) sister. Fanny isn't kind to Heaven growing up. And she gloats about her being Daddy's favorite and not Heaven. She also tries to steal the affections of the new boy in town, Logan Stonewall. But when their father sells them off, Fanny and Heaven both live similar lives miles apart...

Fanny ends up living with Winnerow's good reverend... But he turns out not to be so pious. He rapes Fanny and impregnates her. The Reverend's wife fakes a pregnancy and they take Fanny's baby as their own.

As the years go by and Heaven's neverending search for her family leads to some good and some bad reuinions, Fanny doesn't seem to be maturing and changing from her wild ways.

Since the day Logan Stonewall passed her over for Heaven, Fanny has been after him and determined to hurt Heaven. And she does get her chance. During the beginning of Logan and Heaven's marriage, Fanny seduces Logan and becomes pregnant with his son, who she will name Luke Jr., after her father.

And about that same time, Heaven becomes pregnant with another man's child... Troy Tatterton's... and she lets Logan believe that her baby is his.

After the birth of their children, Fanny and Heaven mend fences. Fanny grows up, matures, and devotes herself to her son, giving him the best in everything. She still has the same spunk and blunt honesty. But she matures and becomes a little more kind and caring.

But she still remains the same carefree hillbilly child...

Lifetime adapted the complete Casteel series into film during the summer of 2019, with one film airing every week for five weeks. The films brought the story to life and I truly enjoyed watching them. The cast was very talented and portrayed the characters well. Fanny was portrayed by actresses Jessica Clement and Pauline Egan.

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