about annie stonewall

Annie Stonewall narrates the fourth book in VC Andrews' Casteel series titled Gates of Paradise. Annie is the daughter of Heaven Casteel, the heroine and narrator of the previous three books in the series.

At the beginning of this book, a tragic car accident kills Annie's parents and leaves her crippled and dependant on a wheelchair. And Heaven didn't get the chance to tell Annie the truth about her past and what horrific past the Tatterton family tries to bury.

And soon, Tony Tatterton sweeps back into their lives. After Heaven's death, he persuades Annie to come to Farthinggale Manor to stay with him. Annie goes willingly, wanting to know her grandfather... This is the first mistake.

Instead of finding a loving home, she finds terrible secrets and a grandfather on the brink of madness. He continues to confuse Annie with her mother Heaven, and her grandmother Leigh. And unfortunately, Annie learns the hard way about the Tatterton past.

Tony wants to keep her prisoner because he'd lost both Leigh and Heaven. But he doesn't learn from his past mistakes... The mistakes that drove Leigh and Heaven away forever. But in Annie's condition, he can keep her easily.

But Annie has a prince... She feels a forbidden love for her half brother Luke Casteel Jr. She will soon learn that they are not blood related, and they can be together.

But before their long awaited reunion, Luke must save Annie and bring her back to where she belongs.

At the end of this book, Annie and Luke Jr. learn that Logan Stonewall is not Annie's father, only Luke's. Annie's father is Troy Tatterton (Tony's younger brother), whom Heaven had an affair with in the beginning of her marriage to Logan.

So the prince and princess are united and can live out a fairy tale life that was taken from their ancestors by cruel and wealthy hands...

Lifetime adapted the complete Casteel series into film during the summer of 2019, with one film airing every week for five weeks. The films brought the story to life and I truly enjoyed watching them. The cast was very talented and portrayed the characters well. Annie was portrayed by actress Lizzie Boys.

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